Graduate Teaching Assistant for CSCI 2400 Computer Systems

Undergraduate course, University of Colorado Boulder, Computer Science, 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant for CSCI2400 Computer Systems, a sophomore-level undergraduate course. The material focused on low-level system concepts essential for efficient and programmers, such as reading assembly (x86 64-bit), using GDB, use of common bitwise operators, and data representations such as two’s complement. Served as instructor for a lab-based recitation section with approximately 50 students, conducted interview grading, and led office hours.

Graduate Teaching Assistant for CSCI 3753 Operating Systems

Undergraduate course, University of Colorado Boulder, Computer Science Department, 2019

Graduate teaching assistant for a junior-level undergraduate operating systems course that covered topics such as C, system calls, multithreading, and scheduling algorithms. Responsibilities included conducting a weekly recitation lecture for approximately 35 students, performing interview grading, answering student questions, and collaborating with the professor and other teaching assistants.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for MATH 420 Real Analysis

Undergraduate course, George Fox University, Mathematics Department, 2014

Undergraduate teaching assistant for upper divsion mathematics course on Real Analysis. Duties included grading assignments and assisting with small groups during class.